Renewabilities Energy Business Group – R&D for Sustainable Technologies

The Reems Creek Renewable Energy Facility

Sustainable R&D Accomplishments: 
RENEWABILITIES is dedicated to the science and business of sustainability. We provide training and an overall business lifestyle education, research and development project licensing income funds support the common sustainable community success.


  • POU Renewable Energy Facility
  • Flatiron Solar Hot Water Facility
  • Hydro Electric Water-source Cogeneration Turbine

Continuing Education:

  •  Electrician Apprentice Training & Education
  •  Thermographic Analysis & Training

Small Business Community Development:

  •  Software Design & Development
  •  Mobile App & Cloud Integration
  •  Task Contracting Beta Testing ( Beta)

Renewabilities Energy Business Group

20 Battery Park Avenue
Suite 900, Asheville, NC 28801-2636

Russell Thomas, Manager
1 (828) 258-3999