StakeHolder Basic

$ 300.00 / 6 months

This is payment for 6 month of rent payment for stakeholder lease. This amount is payment of 6 months at the Flatiron and includes a mailbox and accessibility to the Flatiron’s Common areas as a tenant.

For questions call Russell Thomas at 828-258-3999

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StakeHolder Basic Subscription

This is our full option for becoming a member of the StakeHolder Business Network Group by the Flatiron Building Organization.

This includes:

  • Physical Address at the Flatiron Building, 28801 WITH Physical Mailbox
  • Networking with other business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs
  • Common Area Amenities, ongoing usage, balcony, meeting & conference rooms
  • “Double Dose Coffee” 2 at once Free Coffees (Bring a Friend/Colleague  – 1x/week )
  • Ability to upgrade without the need for additional deposits.
  • possible participation in the BETA program
  • RenewAbilities: Give Your Business the Powers of RenewAbilities