Official Documents

Official Documents:

The attached Official Documents were created in the late 80’s when the Flatiron was purchased by it’s current owners. This purchase occurred at a time when Asheville was being bought and sold at prices that were in the single digits as to square footage price. The property was in need of mechanical and general upgrades to the building using the Federal Historic Tax Credits which incentivized the Flatiron’s rehab to be done historically correct.

Soon after the start of the Flatiron rehabilitation project we were approached by the Asheville Historic Preservation Society (HPS) an organization hellbent on saving Asheville’s historic Art Deco building collection of approximately 21 buildings constructed during the 7 seven year period between 1920 and 1928 the year of the historic stock market crash of 1928.

HPS offered to both list the building on the state level as one of Asheville’s Historic Landmarks. During that process they requisitioned a historic narrative of why the Flatiron was significant as a Landmark Building please take a moment and read this Official Documents  which is linked below.

View Our Official Documents , Records, and Files of the FlatIron Building’s status as a historic property of record. View Some Official Documents and Historic Records:

Local Historic Property Designation

FIB Local Historic Property Designation