Small Business Opportunities

Small Business Opportunities

A small business community in Asheville, NC.

Now Available: “StakeHolder” Status

  • Get a physical address at the Flatiron Building.
  • Get tenant status in the building and access to all amenities
  • Get more business to business exposure
  • Get a physical address at the Flatiron Building.
  • Get “community rates” from all Tenant members.
  • Get an opportunity to Beta test:,  (Dynamic (cloud-based) Work Order Creation, Distribution and Invoicing System.)

(The Flatiron Building’s own Small Business networking app for Mac or PC or Android )

The FlatIron Building has been continuously operating, creating small business opportunities for over 90 years. As one of downtown Asheville’s most dynamic and flexible office environment.  Our Flatiron Building has been home to thousands of small business owners who have enjoyed a prestigious downtown location. The City of Asheville has designated the Flatiron as Asheville’s “Historic Landmark Office Building”. Till this day inventors, professionals, healing practitioners, service and creative solopreneurs maintain their office at 20 Battery Park Avenue.

The recent rehab projects at this landmark commercial office building certified to high-rise fire and safety standards.  Now completed, all mechanical systems have been fitted with supplemeSmall Business Opportunitiesntal energy being supplied from Flatiron’s own on-site Renewable Energy Facility which generates supplemental hot-water for the Flatiron’s Heating Ventilation along with domestic hot water.

Now available: the Flatiron “StakeHolder” Business Lifestyle Network. All tenants in the Flatiron are given a mailbox and use of available shared common areas of the Flatiron (including balcony) as a tenant.  As a tenant you are the first to receive notices of any new office spaces or business opportunities before outside notice is given. Be part of the historic Flatiron Building,  the largest group of Small Business owners in Western North Carolina. We are a group of fair, ethical, small business owners with a eye on the future. Click here.

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